Connecting Stretcher

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Connecting Stretcher

A connecting stretcher, also known as a connecting gurney or connecting transfer stretcher, is a medical stretcher designed to transfer the patient and connect to other medical equipment in the operating room (OT Room). A connecting stretcher is for the patients who are not eligible to move from the stretcher to the operating table or medical bed and can defend against cross-infection and minimize the contamination during transportation.

The connecting stretcher comprises two separate carts connected using a connecting system. The stretcher can be slid from one cart to the other as needed. A rotating guardrail and a removable mattress are used in the connecting stretcher to transfer the patient to the hospital bed or OT table. The central part of the stretcher is made from aircraft aluminum alloy and ABS plastic. Two pieces of this stretcher can be adjusted, translated, and lifted at will, and it can also be slid to another unit, automatically locked, and equipped with a safety device. During the transfer process, the central control braking system is used to ensure safety, comfort, and reliability.

The two separate carts can be controlled independently, lifted, and lowered separately. When the two small carts are adjusted to the same level, the lower bed surface can be slipped smoothly along the aluminum alloy guide rail into another cart. As the bed slides to any separate cart, it can be automatically locked and equipped with a safety device. With swivel castors, it is easy to control directions. The backrest can be adjusted by the gas spring.

The standard accessories of a connecting stretcher include an IV pole, a drainage hook, and a medical mattress. The IV pole is used to support an IV drip, while the drainage hook is used to connect the stretcher to a drainage tube. The mattress provides a comfortable surface for the patient to lie on. Connecting stretchers are typically made of metal or plastic and are usually wheeled for ease of use.

Other popular stretchers include manual stretchers, electric emergency stretchers, hydraulic stretchers, etc.

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