Electric Stretcher

Electric Stretcher

Electric Stretcher is an emergency stretcher with an electric motor to help transfer patients from one place to another easily and effortlessly. Electric stretchers are also known as electric hospital stretchers, power stretchers, electric ambulance stretchers, electric stretcher trolleys, or electronic stretchers. They are primarily used in intensive care units, emergency departments, and operating rooms.

The Electric Stretcher is a hybrid between a hospital bed and a stretcher that combines both functions. Manual to electrical transition gives the caregiver flexibility in every scene as the patient's demands change.

If you are looking for a reliable and versatile electric stretcher, look no further than our selection of top-quality products. Our electric stretchers come with a variety of accessories to ensure that your patients are comfortable and that you have everything you need to provide them with the best care possible. Some of the accessories included are:

  • Stretcher pillow: For added comfort during transport
  • IV transporter: For easy and efficient administration of IV fluids
  • Patient tray: For holding all of the patient's personal belongings
  • Utility tray: For holding any medical supplies you may need
  • Oxygen tank holder: To keep the oxygen tank close at hand
  • Liquid oxygen tank holder: For those who require liquid oxygen

Medwish.com is a leading supplier of electric stretchers, and we offer our products at wholesale prices. We work closely with Chinese medical equipment manufacturers to ensure that our products meet the highest quality and safety standards. Our electric stretchers are available in various sizes and styles, and we can customize them to meet your specific needs. Contact us today to get a quote for your bulk order.

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