Folding Stretcher

Folding Stretchers

Folding stretchers are a type of emergency stretcher used to transport patients who cannot walk in critical situations. Folding stretchers can be used in various settings, including hospitals, nursing homes, and ambulance services.

The folding stretchers have several other names, such as collapsible stretchers, pole stretchers, foldable stretchers with wheels, foldaway stretchers, emergency folding stretchers, military folding stretchers, etc.

The folding stretcher is perfect for emergencies. It quickly and easily folds in 2, so you can store it away or transport it with ease. The aluminum frame and Oxford-type fabric bed are incredibly durable and can support up to 150kg. The light orange color makes it easy to spot in low light conditions. The folding emergency stretcher is with a high-resistance frame. The two security straps ensure that the patients are securely and safely held during transportation.

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