Hydraulic Stretcher

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Hydraulic Stretcher

A hydraulic stretcher is an emergency stretcher that uses hydraulic power to lift and move patients. It is commonly used in hospitals and other medical facilities to transport patients between rooms or floors. Hydraulic ambulance stretchers are powered by a hydraulic pump that is operated by a hand crank or an electric motor. The pump pressurizes the hydraulic fluid, which is then used to raise and lower the patient platform.

The hydraulic stretchers may be positioned in a variety of ways by utilizing the hydraulic pistons: raising, lowering, Trendelenburg, and Reverse Trendelenburg. By stepping on or down the pedal, you may change the height of the stretcher. It can also be changed by a pneumatic spring at the same time to alter the side portion of the stretcher.

The hydraulic stretcher has several other names, such as hydraulic gurneys, hydraulic stretcher trolleys, hydraulic patient transport stretchers, etc. The hydraulic stretcher's frame is made of high-quality cold-rolled carbon steel with a powder coating. The front and rear sections of the hydraulic stretchers are constructed of injection-molded ABS plastic. At the same time, the locking side rails utilize a mix of steel, aluminum extrusion, and plastic parts for increased durability and ease of cleaning. The back part includes an X-Ray compatible panel.

You can easily adjust the height of the stretcher by using hydraulically operated foot switches. If needed, you can set the stretcher also into the Trendelenburg position. You can manually lift the head section to make your patient even more comfortable. Furthermore, the model with a four-section lying surface allows simultaneous adjustment of seat and leg sections.

There are many accessories available to choose from when purchasing a stretcher trolley. For example, an IV stand can administer infusions during patient transfer. Side rails can also be added to prevent fall risks and ensure patient safety. Other features that may be available include an integrated weighing scale, oxygen cylinder holder, and fixing straps to ensure that the patient is held on the sleeping surface. Additionally, some stretcher trollies may have an adjustable headrest. With all of these accessories available, it is crucial to choose the right combination of features for the patient's specific needs.

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