Manual Stretcher

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Manual Stretcher

A manual emergency stretcher, or manual stretcher, is a type of hospital stretchers specially designed to safely move patients to different care areas in hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and other healthcare facilities.

Manual stretchers have several other names, such as manual transfer stretchers, patient stretchers, manual stretcher trolleys, manual patient transfer stretchers, etc. The frame of the manual stretcher is made of aluminum or steel, while its surface and side rails are made of ABS plastic. A manual lever can be moved up or down at the foot of the stretcher to adjust the height. In addition, a handle on the backrest of the manual stretcher allows adjustment of the backrest angle by depressing the gas-powered spring.

The manual emergency stretcher comes with all the accessories you need to provide care for patients, including an oxygen cylinder holder, four castors, and a single-direction retractable fifth wheel system. Both sides' pedals help keep the stretcher stable, while the foot-control brake system prevents it from rolling away. The stretcher also features a hospital bed up/down adjustment crank, two IV pole supports, and an IV pole pneumatic mechanism to lift and lower the back support. The powder coating paint provides a durable finish that resists corrosion, and the stretcher meets ISO international quality standards.

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