Dialysis Chair

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The dialysis chair is used by dialysis patients to clean and remove toxins from the blood during hemodialysis treatment. Dialysis chairs are also named hemodialysis chairs, dialysis recline chairs, etc. Hemodialysis is a kidney failure treatment involving filtering the blood of impurities using a hemodialysis machine. Patients sit in dialysis chairs during their treatments, which typically last around four hours. Hemodialysis rooms and dialysis rooms of dialysis centers, hospitals, etc., are the primary environments in which dialysis chairs are used.  

During the hemodialysis process, the patient can feel free to adjust the height of the back, legs, and cushion to achieve the best body position and comfort. The electric dialysis chair provides an easy and affordable solution to those requiring kidney dialysis and can be adjusted to any position, from the sitting, relaxing, or sleeping position to the emergency Trendelenburg position. This allows patients to remain comfortable during treatment and helps to prevent complications such as fatigue, cramping, and infection. The screen can display the patient's weight change during the dialysis process.

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