Electric Blood Collection Chair

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An electric blood collection chair is a type of motorized medical device used to collect blood from patients. It consists of a chair with an attached armrest and a blood collection bag. The armrest is used to support the arm of the patient while the blood collection bag is used to collect the blood. Manual blood collection chairs are cheaper, and our prices are very competitive in the medical markets.

The Electric blood collection chair is also known as a motorized blood collection chair, electric blood draw chair, electric phlebotomy chair, blood sample collection chair, blood drawing chair, blood donor chair, etc. It's often used in hospitals, labs, clinics, etc.

A multifunctional electric blood collection chair can be easily adjusted to meet donors’ comfort using electric controls. The electric blood collection chair is an electronically controlled actuator that allows for easy positioning from head-high to foot-high or any position in between. The electric blood collection chair has many features that make it ideal for use in a hospital or clinic setting. It is easy to operate and maintain, and it is very comfortable for the donor. The electric blood collection chair is a great way to collect blood from a donor in a safe and efficient manner.

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