Manual Blood Collection Chair

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Blood collection chairs, also known as phlebotomy chairs, blood sample collection chairs, or blood drawing chairs, are specialized medical room furniture pieces that allow patients to sit comfortably and the phlebotomists' clear access to their blood samples or collections. Phlebotomy chairs are often found in hospitals, clinics, blood donation centers, physicians' offices, and nursing homes.

The hospital blood collection chair has many other names, such as blood draw chairs, portable phlebotomy chairs, and phlebotomy blood collection chairs. Types of blood collection chairs include manual blood collection chairs and electric phlebotomy chairs.

Blood collection chairs are designed to provide a comfortable experience for blood donors. Blood collection chairs can be either manual or electric. Electric blood collection chairs are motorized and can be operated with remote control. They are easy to use and provide a higher level of comfort for the donor. Manual blood collection chairs require the user to manually adjust the position of the chair. They are durable and easy to clean. Blood collection chairs are made of high-strength fiber material and poly-layer paint. They are designed with people-oriented ideas, to meet the donor's sense of security and comfort, alleviate psychological pressure, to ensure an easier and more enjoyable process.

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