Dental Chair K-808-Q5

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Dental Chair K-808-Q5

K-808-Q5 dental chai adopts a touch-type doctor's position control panel to set up and store five intelligent program chair positions. The surface of the dental chair is made of imported PU material, which is non-toxic, tasteless, easy to clean, durable, and easy to clean. The dental chair has a unique track design with the original Danish imported hydraulic motor, which makes the dental chair safer without shaking.

K-808-Q5 dental chair has the function of the nurse to clean the equipment directly in the assistant position, and complete a real four-hand operation function. The dental chair and doctor's chair are available in a variety of colors for customers to choose from. The whole machine adopts imported water and gas pipelines, which are resistant to corrosion and aging.


1. Use a DC24V safe low-voltage power supply system;

2. The large instrument tray is equipped with a silica gel pad (high-temperature sterilization) to prevent cross-infection of instruments;
3. The ceramic spittoon can be rotated by 90° with the functions of quantitative water addition and flushing;
4. The patient seat head frame has a telescopic adjustment function;
5. Automatic control system for flushing, rinsing, constant temperature, timing, and quantitative automatic water supply circuit;
6. The backrest and cushion of the patient's seat are integrally molded, which is more robust and durable;
7. The dental chair can be controlled by hand and foot in two modes;
8. The unique anti-suck-back pipeline system completely ensures that there is no possibility of suck-back, even if you use a mobile phone without anti-suck-back, you don’t have to worry about cross-infection;
9. The dental chair has a machine-chair interlocking safety device, a level compensation device, and an anti-scrubbing function;
10. The whole dental chair adopts electronic analog control technology, and the side box and treatment table can be rotated 180 turns.
11. The assistant position control panel is equipped to control the movement of the operating chair, the mouthwash position, the first aid position, the rest position, the hot and cold mouthwash, flush the spittoon, and switch on the operation light.
12. The LED film viewer has a delayed shutdown function.
13. The dental chair instrument tray can be up-hanging or down-hanging.
14. Multifunctional integrated footswitch, which can control 5 memory chair positions, complete the work position, gargle position, gargle reset, and rest position with one button, and intelligently link with the operating lamp.
15. The dental chair can be arbitrarily set and stored in five intelligent programmed chair positions.
16. The LED induction type shadowless operation lamp can adjust the brightness in six levels and intelligently link with the chair position.


Rated voltageAC 220V
Frequency rate50Hz
Water source water pressure0.2Mpa~0.4Mpa
Air pressure0.55Mpa~0.8Mpa
Rated power450VA
Ambient temperature5°C-40°C
Relative humidity30%-75%
Load capacity135KGS
The highest height of the seat cushion surface from the ground800mm
The lowest height of the seat cushion surface from the ground380mm
Headrest extension≤200mm
Moving distance of instrument tray380mm
Factory Configuration1. Physician uses a three-purpose gun... 1
2. The nurse uses three guns...
3. LED film viewer ... 1 set
4. Strong saliva suction system... 1 set
5. Weak saliva suction system...1 set
6. Rotating glass spittoon... 1 set
7. LED dimmable oral cold light...1 set
8. Automatic constant temperature mouthwash system for quantitative water supply... 1 set
9. Rotatable assistant stand ...................................... 1 set
10. External mobile phone distilled water system... 1 set
11. Imported sanitary PU seamless cushion ... 1 set
12. Doctor's chair............................................ ..1 piece
13. Built-in floor box... .1 set
14. Multifunctional foot switch...1 set
15. High-speed gas turbine tube...2 sets
16. Low-speed gas turbine tube...1 set

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Packaging Size  :1.5*1.3*1.2M   Gross Weight320KG

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