Adult Hinged Hip Abduction Orthosis KDZJ-KB-001

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Adult Hinged Hip Abduction Orthosis KDZJ-KB-001

The abduction orthosis is a device that helps to control the angles of hip flexion, abduction, and extension. It can be used while lying down, sitting, or standing up. This product is ideal for those who need help maintaining proper hip alignment and stability. 

This abduction orthosis includes an aluminum alloy joint branch, plastic sheet, textile lining, and so on. It is often used for patients over 3 years old who have a congenital hip dislocation, conservative treatment for congenital hip dysplasia, and for infant patients' recovery after congenital hip dislocation relocation surgery.

As the largest B2B medical marketplace, Medwish supplies different types of abduction orthosis for sale at wholesale prices for recovery and rehabilitation in the hospital and home. This Adult Hinged Hip Abduction Orthosis is equipped with CE, ISO, and FDA, you can get abduction orthosis prices online quickly.

PS. This Adult Hinged Hip Abduction Orthosis needs to be operated on under the guidance of doctors. 


1) Waist circumference: 70-100 cm
2) Control hip abduction, adduction, flexion, and extension angle.
3) Length and height are adjustable, suitable for a wide range of people.
4) Swap left and right design.
5) Simple structure, easy to wear.
6) Packing Size: 450*450*280mm/ G.W

In addition, Medwish supplies different types of external fixation braces for rehabilitation online from experienced recovery equipment suppliers and manufacturers.

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