SpO2 Simulator KT-MS100

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- SPO2 Simulator Wholesaler

- 262K color and 320*240 TFT display

- Pulse Rate Blood Oxygen Simulator

- Rechargeable lithium battery


Minimum quantity for "SpO2 Simulator KT-MS100" is 1.

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SpO2 Simulator KT-MS100

KT0MS SpO2 simulator is a separate-type SpO2 simulator, which is very small and light. A series of tests can be done on this pulse oximeter by means of a simulation, and the accuracy of this SPO2 simulator can also be identified. Since different pulse oximeter manufacturers may use different R-curves, the simulator is pre-implanted with a part of the currently widely used R-curves.

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This SPO2 Simulator has 7 Functions 

◆ Oxygen saturation simulation

◆ Pulse rate simulation

◆ The simulation of presetting patient state

◆ Testing the reaction time of the device that is tested

◆ Simulating the SpO2 and pulse rate under different amplitudes; 

◆ Testing the function of the device under different interference sources; 

◆ Different R-curves are available.


◆ The separated connection between simulator probe and host makes operation and test more convenient. 

◆ The brightness level can be adjusted with the function of 262K color and 320*240 TFT display

◆ The film key-press gives you more comfort in operation.

◆ The charge of the lithium battery can be seen on the screen. The lithium battery is chargeable.

◆ The key volume can be set to open or close.


♦ Packing Size:27.5*18*10.5cm 

♦ Gross Weight:1.4kg

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