Logistics Terms

Logistics Terms Agreement

1. Online Trading 

1.1. This website is an online trading platform. Users should complete online transaction procedures such as contract signing, fee payment, and receipt and delivery. 

1.2. User's trading behavior on this site, apply Medwish rules; 

1.3. The seller shall use the logistics method supported by this website and consistent with the buyer's confirmation. And fill in the online delivery notice and related documents (such as the waybill number, etc.), otherwise they should bear the relevant losses; 

1.4. Except as otherwise agreed by the parties, exchange losses, handling fees, credit card payment risks, etc. incurred during the online transaction payment process shall be borne by the seller; 

1.5. The buyer and seller should also abide by its agreement or rule by the use of online trading services signed with Medwish; 

2. Withdraw from the transaction 

2.1. If the user is closed for breach of this rule and Medwish rules, the online wholesale market related services will immediately terminate; the seller may also withdraw from the online trading market; 

2.2. After the user withdraws, he or she should still cooperate with unfinished online transaction orders. Medwish reserves the right to make non-refundable deposits, remaining service charges (if any), and refusal to carry out other cooperation decisions, depending on the circumstances; 

3. Changes and acceptance of rules

3.1. You acknowledge and agree that this website has the right to modify the terms and related rules from time to time, and that the revised content will become effective once it is published on this site and replace the previous relevant content. 

3.2. Any user who does not agree to an updated version of this rule or rule shall immediately terminate the use of the order's trading rules. By ordering and executing online orders or using order trading rules, users will be deemed to have accepted and agreed to these rules.