Digital Display Automation Vertical Pressure Steam Sterilizer LS-LD

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- Vertical Pressure Steam Sterilizer

- Optional Volume

- Digital Display Automation

- Easy to Operate, Safe and Reliable


Minimum quantity for "Digital Display Automation Vertical Pressure Steam Sterilizer LS-LD" is 1.

Port: Shanghai,China
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Digital Display Automation Vertical Pressure Steam Sterilizer LS-LD

A medical autoclave vertical steam sterilizer is a kind of pressure chamber device that uses steam to sterilize instruments and other items. These steam sterilizers are used in many hospitals, clinics, veterinary offices, laboratories, and other healthcare facilities to destroy bacteria and spores using heat supplied by pressurized steam.

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1) Fully stainless high-alloy steel structure
2) Digital display of working status, a touch of the key
3) Auto discharge the cool air, and steam discharging automatically after sterilization
4) Automatically shut off with a beep reminding after sterilization
5) With two stainless steel sterilizing baskets
6) Easy to operate, safe and reliable
7) The drying system is optional, which can be equipped according to the customer's request 


1. Working pressure: 0.22MPa
2. Working temperature: 134℃
3. Max. working pressure: 0.23 Mpa
4. Heat average: ≤±1℃
5. Timer scope:  0~99min(35L,50L,75L,100L) / 0~99hour59min (120L,150L) 
6. Adjustment of temperature: 105~134℃
7. Power Supply: AC220V.50Hz

Chamber volumePowerProduct Size/N.W
Packing Details/G.W
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