Baby Crib

Baby Crib

Hospital baby bassinets, or hospital baby cribs, are baby cribs designed to provide a safe and cozy environment for newborn babies in the hospital setting. They are typically made from sturdy materials such as plastic or metal (Stainless steel, etc)

The hospital baby crib has many other names, such as pediatric hospital bed, hospital-style baby crib, newborn baby hospital bassinet, mobile hospital baby crib, hospital-grade baby bassinet, pediatric medical cribs, and medical bassinets, etc.

All hospital baby cribs are not created equal. Most often, hospital baby cribs are considerably different from those in your child's bedroom at home. In contrast to home baby cribs, hospital baby cribs are equipped with fixed or movable end rails, movable and latchable side rails, and a mattress designed to fit the baby crib. In hospitals, nurses and other staff are well trained to operate these hospital baby cribs safely. There are different types of hospital baby cribs, each specifically designed for its environment. is a medical marketplace of various wholesale hospital baby cribs of different sizes and dimensions. also offers a variety of accessories and can customize hospital bassinets according to your specific requirement and needs. 

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