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An infant incubator is a highly specialized crib apparatus designed to create a carefully monitored environment suitable for a newborn baby, usually in a newborn intensive care unit (NICU) of a hospital. An Infant Incubator has many other names, such as neonatal Incubator, Isolette infant incubator, baby incubator, humidity crib, isolette, etc.

Infant Warmers&Baby Incubators

Baby incubators are used in hospitals to care for premature or sick infants. They are also used in homes for newborns who are unable to maintain their body temperature. The infant's temperature, humidity, and oxygen levels are monitored and regulated in an incubator. The infant is fed through a tube and has regular checkups by a doctor or nurse. Most infants stay in an incubator for a few days, but some may remain in the hospital for weeks or months.

There are 5 different types of baby incubators available: open-box incubators, closed-box incubators, double-wall incubators, servo-control incubators, and transport incubators. A transport infant incubator is a lifesaving device for premature babies. It helps them stay warm and safe while they are being moved from one part of the hospital to another or even transferred somewhere else.

Parts of an incubator for babies include an AC-powered heater, a fan for circulating heated air, a water container to increase humidity, an oxygen supply control valve, and a care inlet.

Infant Radiant warmers are body warming devices to provide warmth to newborn infants who are unable to maintain their body temperature. They work by radiant heat, which is infrared radiation that is emitted from a heat source and absorbed by the baby's body.

Radiant warmers are a type of incubator, but they do not provide the same level of environmental control as an incubator. Radiant warmers are used when an infant's temperature needs to be closely monitored and when supplemental oxygen and other medical interventions are not required. radiant warmers can be used for both full-term and premature infants. radiant warmers are often used for newborns who are jaundiced because they help to prevent further heat loss and provide uniform warming. is a medical marketplace of infant incubator manufacturers and medical devices. Our infant incubators are exported worldwide, especially popular in the Philippines, Pakistan, India, Kenya, Nigeria, etc. Baby incubator dimensions and prices vary with different brands and types. 

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