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The LDR bed is specifically designed for women in labor, delivery, and recovery. It typically has stirrups for the woman's feet and extra padding and support for her back. The purpose of the LDR bed is to make the birthing process as comfortable and safe as possible for both the mother and baby.

LDR Beds can also be known as maternity beds, labor room beds, and labor beds. There are a few different types of LDR beds available, including electric LDR beds and manual LDR beds.


The LDR bed is a special hospital bed designed to care for pregnant women and new mothers during Labor, delivery, and recovery. They are often found in obstetric wards and are equipped with various features that make them ideal for childbirth, recovery, gynecological operation, examination, and diagnosis of obstetric patients.

LDR beds have several other names, such as obstetric beds, obstetric delivery beds, medical maternity beds, multi-function obstetric beds, hydraulic gynecology delivery tables, labor and delivery bed, intelligent birthing bed, electric obstetric parturition bed, hydraulic delivery bed with side rails, manual labor delivery room bed, etc. It typically has higher sides and rails to provide support and safety for patients during Labor and delivery.

Two types of LDR beds are available: electrical LDR beds and manual LDR beds, while the electric one is more popular.

Imported Denmark LINAK linear motors feature our LDR beds for stability and reliability and a central brake and steering system for added strength. In addition, the delivery positions (horizontal, sitting, lateral, and half-squat ) meet the delivery mother's different position requirements.

LDR beds come in different dimensions, sizes, and various accessories. The standard accessories include a water-proof bed cushion, waste basin, IV pole & stand, power cord, leg holder, grab handle, footrest, and foot switch (or hand control).

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