Trolley Ultrasound Machine with Full Digital 3D 4D Color Doppler Ultrasonic Diagnostic System MDW-ZON-Q7

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- Trolley Ultrasound Machine with3D 4D Color Doppler 

- 19-inch high-resolution medical LED monitor 

- 10.4-inch Anti-dazzle LED touch screen 

- 4 transducer connectors


Minimum quantity for "Trolley Ultrasound Machine with Full Digital 3D 4D Color Doppler Ultrasonic Diagnostic System MDW-ZON-Q7" is 1.

Port: Shanghai,China
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Trolley Ultrasound Machine with Full Digital 3D 4D Color Doppler Ultrasonic Diagnostic System MDW-ZON-Q7

This trolley ultrasound machine has an excellent performance in obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics, breast, musculoskeletal, heart, and blood vessel areas. Build-in perfect analysis package, including heart, obstetrics, urology, abdomen, gynecology. small parts, blood vessels, etc.

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Trolley Ultrasound Machine Specification:

1. 19-inch high-resolution medical LED monitor 

2. 10.4-inch Anti-dazzle LED touch screen 

3. 4 transducer connectors

4. Rotated console and foldable monitor

5. Preposed USB ports

6. Hidden draw-out keyboard

7. Friendly transducer bracket design

8. Support multiple peripheral interfaces

9. Standard configured gel heating cup

10. Optional built-in lithium battery for continuously working

Advanced Imaging technology

1. Spatial Compounding Imaging 

2. Trapezoidal Extended Imaging

3. Linear Independent Dellection imaging

4. Speckle Noise Removal Technology

5. Tissue Harmonics Imaging Technology 

6. 3D/4D Imaging Technology

7. Intelligent Navigation Technology

8. One-Touch Optimize Technology

9. Carotid IMT Measurement

10. Dual/Triple Synchronous


Convex transducer: 3C5PD for OB/Abdomen/Pediatric/ER
Linear transducer: 7L4PD for MSK/Small Parts/Nerve
Transvaginal transducer: 6E1PD for OB/Urology
Phased array transducer: 2P2PA for Cardiac/Transcranial/Pediatric
4D Volume transducer: 4V4PD for Abdomen/OB
Transrectal transducer: 6L6PD for Veterinary
Micro convex transducer: 6C1PD for Pediatric/Cardiac

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