Cold Light Source

Cold Light Source

A cold light source is a type of light source that emits very little heat. This is in contrast to traditional light sources, such as incandescent bulbs, which emit a significant amount of heat and visible light.

For many image processing illuminators, halogen lights have been the standard light emitters. But now that LEDs offer longer lifespans, lower running costs, and improved operations security over time, they are ready to take over. In addition, LED technology eliminates the need to replace a light bulb, lowering lifetime ownership costs and environmental harm.

An external source of light is needed for rigid and flexible optical endoscopes to illuminate the region that needs to be examined. Small and portable light sources, known as light handles, are attached to an endoscope body using adapters or couplers.

Types of cold light sources include halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps, and LED lamps. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. Cold light sources are often used in applications where it is essential to minimize heat emissions, such as medical procedures (like laparoscopy, gastroscopy, or other microscopy surgery)

For clinical applications, endoscope illumination is done via a high-power LED lamp and its associated equipment. The power of the LED light source is 200 watts. In addition, LEDs are becoming increasingly popular for fiber optic light guides.

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