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Medical Recorder

The high-definition medical recorder is a recording system that captures high-resolution images and HD video from surgical devices simultaneously during surgery and other clinical procedures. Doctors or clinicians record and archive 4K video and still images in 2D or 3D from endoscopic or laparoscopic cameras, surgical microscopes, and other medical imaging systems.

At the same time, the recorder's hard drive can be used to store patient information, such as patient files, electronic health records(ehr), electronic medical records(emrs), training videos, etc.

Medwish medical recorders are the best combination of picture quality, storage capacity, and integration available, all while meeting the most recent health product safety standards.

Medical recorders can be used on an endoscopic trolley or any equipment in the operating room of a hospital or clinic.  The medical recorders have several other names, such as 4K 2D/3D medical recorders, medical grade video recorders, Full HD 2D/3D medical recorders with DVD, HDMI, USB, NAS recording, Surgical video recorders, medical video recording machines, HD medical video recorders, etc.

Medwish is the medical marketplace of hospital equipment and services. We offer a user-friendly solution to medical recorders and other medical equipment for your hospital. Get a wholesale quote now!

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