Medical X-ray Film & Viewer

Medical X-ray Film & Viewer

X-ray film is a sensitive photographic film used in medical imaging. It consists of a radiation-sensitive emulsion layer that blackens in response to the light from intensifying screens, making it possible to create images of the body's internal structures, and it can help diagnose medical conditions.

Direct exposure film and screen film are the two most popular types of radiographic films. Thin body parts with a lot of contrast give a clear image on direct exposure film. Medwish is a wholesale medical marketplace and the source of X-Ray Films. Green, half-speed blue, and full-speed blue radiographic film are all available to you. In addition, we offer quick shipment by keeping an extensive inventory on hand for fast delivery.

As a radiology accessory, an X-ray film viewer is an illuminated device for viewing all varieties of radiographs (to read x-rays). Most of these file viewers are mounted on the wall or hung vertically in the radiology departments, operating theaters, or other offices of a hospital. Because their X-ray film size standards differ from other machines, specific models are built for dental, mammographic, or other applications.

Popular types of X-Ray Viewers from Medwish include 1PLC Single Panel X-Ray Viewer, 2PLC Double Panel X-Ray Viewer, 3 PLC Three Panel X-Ray Viewer, ZG-2B Ultra-Thin LED Dual View Film Viewer, etc.

If you need X-ray film, X-ray viewer, or Medical Film Lamps for your hospital or clinics with a large commercial quantity, please email us to get a quotation immediately.

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