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Microfiche enlarger printers are medical devices used to print out microfiche film. Microfiche is a type of film containing microscopic images, usually text or documents. Viewing the images on microfiche must be magnified using a special device called a microfiche reader. However, in order to print out the pictures on microfiche, a special printer is required.

Microfiche enlarger printers are similar to regular printers, but they have the ability to print at a much higher resolution. This is necessary to produce clear and sharp images from the tiny images on microfiche film. In addition, microfiche enlarger printers typically have a larger printing bed than regular printers so they can accommodate the larger microfiche film.

The Microfiche Enlarger Printer uses direct thermal printing technology to produce high-quality copies of medical dry thermal films. With a spatial resolution of 320dpi, it can create clear and sharp images.

The microfilm printer also has a Throughput of 14"x17"≥70 sheets/h and an 8"x10"≥90 sheets/h, making it a highly efficient printer. Additionally, the printer is able to print on various film sizes such as 8"*10",10"*12",11"*14", and 14"×17". It's compatible with various types of applicable x-ray films, such as Medical Dry Thermal Films with a blue or clear base. Lastly, the printer has a 100-240V AC power supply and weighs 50KG.

With its many features and specifications, the Microfiche Enlarger Printer is a great choice for those who need to print high-quality images of medical dry thermal films. Need a wholesale price for large custom quantities? Send an email to us to get a quote now!

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