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The C-Arm machine is a type of medical X-ray imaging device often used in hospitals and clinics' operating rooms. C arm X-ray machines are widely utilized in orthopedics, anesthetics, complex surgery, emergency, and fluoroscopy procedures. C-Arm's name comes from the C-shaped arm connecting the X-ray source and detector.

Surgical C-Arms come in different sizes and types, such as Mini C-Arms, Compact C-Arms, Full-Size C-Arms, and Super C C-Arms. Furthermore, according to the mobility, types of C-Arms can be divided into Fixed C-arm (Cath Lab) and Mobile C-arm. Therefore, C-Arm X-Ray Machines have many other names, including digital C-arm systems, digital FPD C-arm systems, mobile C-arm Systems, C-arm fluoroscopic X-ray systems, fluoroscopy C-arm, Fluoroscopy Machines, etc.

Fixed c-arm units are ideal for imaging and analyzing the heart with high kW generator output. This specialized equipment makes them perfect for many types of angiograms or cardiac studies.

Mobile c-arm chines are a cost-effective and efficient alternative to traditional, fixed place c-arm systems. These mobile c arm devices can be easily moved from one location of your hospital or clinic floor as needed for different patients during their treatments, improving patient outcomes in almost any facility with this type of equipment available!

Mobile C-arms have set new standards in OR and contribute significantly to high precision. Through their creative design, they enable flexibility, usability, and efficiency for all operational areas of surgery. Contact Medwish for bulk quantity quotation and technical support now!

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