CT Scanners

CT Scanner

A CT scanner, also known as a CT scan machine, is a diagnostic imaging machine that uses x-ray and computer technology to create detailed cross-sectional images (slices) of the inside of your body. CT stands for computed tomography. A CT scanning machine can be used to diagnose cancer, find tumors, and help plan cancer treatment. CT scans are also used to look for problems with your abdomen, blood vessels, bones, bones, and organs. CT scans are often used alongside other tests such as MRI or PET scans.

CT scanner has many other names, such as CT scan equipment, CT machines, CT scanning machines, CT systems, computerized tomography machines, etc.

CT scanners and MRI machines are diagnostic imaging devices that allow doctors to see inside the body. CT scans use X-rays, while MRI scans use strong magnetic fields and radio waves. CT scans are more common than MRI scans, and they are also less expensive. However, MRI scans produce more detailed images. This is because MRI scans can directly show whether there is any damage to the tissues, whereas CT scans show a picture of the bones. As a result, MRI scans are often used when diagnosing conditions such as cancer, brain disorders, and heart problems.

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