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Mobile X-Ray Machines

A Mobile Digital X-ray Machine is a portable DR system that uses advanced imaging technology to capture high-quality images of the body. These portable xray machines are ideal for use in emergency situations, where it can be difficult or dangerous to transport patients to traditional radiology clinics. Mobile digital x-ray machines feature advanced sensors and software that allow them to produce clear and accurate images quickly and easily.

The mobile digital X-ray Machine has many other names, such as portable xray unit, mobile x ray unit, digital portable x ray machine, digital portable x-ray, motorized mobile X-ray system, mobile radiography unit, wireless DR portables, etc.

Mobile x-ray equipment is an invaluable resource for hospitals that have limited space. These small devices can easily be moved between beds and provide quality chest radiography on patients who would otherwise need to stay in the ER or OPD (outpatient department), operating room, emergency room, or newborn intensive care unit (NICU).

Medwish offers a variety of mobile and portable x-ray solutions to meet the needs of your hospital. Our sales representatives will work with you in finding what's right for each application.

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