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MedWish is dedicated to empowering overseas hospitals by providing one-stop solutions for departmental procurement, including ICU room, general wards, operating rooms, obstetrics and gynecology, laboratories, radiology, and more. Currently, MedWish has served 1,500 overseas medical institutions, including comprehensive hospitals, specialized hospitals, field hospitals, clinics, and others, such as the CMH Hospital in Pakistan, the Rehabilitation Hospital in Thailand, and the Negative Pressure Isolation Ward Hospital in Hong Kong. In the next decade, MedWish aims to serve 6,000 medical institutions globally, and will have after-sales service outlets in 70% of cities worldwide.

One-Stop Shop for
Medical Equipment

MedWish is a global B2B marketplace that provides one-stop online shopping, logistics, quality inspection, insurance, payment and after-sales service of medical equipment 10,000 + products, factories and 1,500 hospitals.

Financing Services

For all the purchasing orders on, we provide two types of financing services, order financing, and project financing.

New Hospital Projects

At present, Medwish serves more than 10,000 clinics and hospitals, and our after-sales service network has covered more than 30 countries around the world.