OR Room & Apparatus

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The operating room sometimes referred to as the OR or an operating theatre, is where the surgery takes place in a hospital. OR Room equipment & apparatus includes Operating tablesSurgical LightsSurgical pendantsStainless Steel ProductsSurgical instrumentsOrthopedic instrumentsUrology Surgery instrumentsSurgical Accessories, and so on.

What is an OR room?

The OR room, also known as the operating theatre room, is a sterile environment in which surgical procedures are carried out. It is typically staffed by a team of surgeons, anesthesiologists, and nurses who work together to ensure the safety and well-being of the patient.

The operating theatre is typically equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment, including a surgical light, a microscope, and a ventilator. This equipment helps the surgeon carry out the procedure safely and effectively. In addition, the operating theatre team will often have access to blood transfusion and pain management services if needed.

OR Apparatus

A wide range of apparatus is found in the operating theatre, and it is essential that all of this equipment is sterilized and ready for use before each operation. Some of the most common pieces of equipment include:

-Surgical lights:

These are used to illuminate the operating area and ensure that the surgeon has a clear view. You can get different types of surgical lights, including ceiling-mounted & portable surgical lights and led shadowless&halogen operating lamps. You can also source the double-head & single-head surgical lamps at factory prices from experienced manufacturers on medwish.com.

-Operation table:

Operating tables are medical tables designed for surgical procedures. They are typically flat and firm, with a smooth surface that can be easily cleaned. Many operating tables have built-in features such as X-ray capabilities, storage areas, and safety straps. Operating tables are an essential part of the surgical suite, as they provide a stable surface on which surgeons can work. They are also used to position patients during surgery to be comfortable and protect their vital organs.

Different operating tables can be found on medwish.com, like Electro-Hydraulic Operating Table, Electric Operating Table, Hydraulic Operating Table, Anatomy Table& Surgical Frame.

-Medical pendant:

also known as a surgical pendant, is a medical device typically suspended from the ceiling and used to support various medical instruments and appliances. Surgical pendants are commonly found in operating rooms and other medical facilities, where they play an essential role in supporting critical medical equipment. 

Surgical pendants are both durable and versatile, able to accommodate various medical devices. They usually consist of a central column with one or more arms that can be adjusted to different positions. This allows them to be customized for use with specific medical instruments and devices.

-Anaesthetic machine:

 This delivers anesthesia to patients and monitors their vital signs during surgery. It comprises an airway, a breathing system, and various monitors. The anesthetist controls the composition of the inhaled gas mixture and the depth and rate of ventilation using the anesthetic machine.

-Stainless Steel Products:

Many types of stainless steel products can be used in an operating room. Some of the most common items include stainless steel trolleys, Washing Sink, Worktable, and Instrument Tray; Stainless steel is a durable material that is resistant to corrosion and easy to clean. Choosing the right type of product for your specific needs is essential to create a safe and sterile environment.

Medwish.com also supplies other surgical Instruments for easy operation during the surgery, including Electrotome, Surgical Scissors, and Operating Microscopes. Besides, you can also find different types of orthopedic Instruments and urology surgery instruments on medwish.com at factory prices directly.

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