Hydraulic Operating Table

Hydraulic Operating Tables

Hydraulic operating tables are OT tables powered by a hydraulic source of energy and generally controlled by a hydraulic foot pump.

Hydraulic Operating tables, known as operation theater tables or hydraulic surgical tables, are designed to provide accurate positioning with an accessible mechanical operation. These manual hydraulic OT tables are ideal for all major surgical processes requiring precision.

The hydraulic operating table is a high-quality medical device with a hydraulic system for easy and precise operation. It is adjustable in height, Trendelenburg, and lateral tilt to accommodate different patients and procedures. The table is made of high-quality stainless steel for durability and easy cleaning. It also features alloy aluminum fabricated table support and base seat and an upright column covering of stainless steel for added safety.

The hydraulic operating table is designed for lateral, Trendelenburg, and Reverse Trendelenburg positions, making it perfect for a variety of surgical procedures. The foot pedal makes it easy to adjust the height of the table, and the dependable manual design makes it a breeze to maintain. The OT table hydraulic is also compatible with C-Arms for radiolucent tabletop procedures.

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