Surgical Lights

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Surgical Lights

Surgical lights, also known as surgical lamps, surgery room lights, operation theatre lights, or operating lights, are medical devices used in hospital operating rooms or ambulatory surgery centers to provide high-quality lighting for surgical procedures in hospitals, surgery centers, and other medical facilities. The term "surgical light system" means a combination of several surgical lights.

A LED surgical light offers natural color rendition, excellent shadow control, and deep cavity illumination, allowing you to assess the appearance of tissues and vessels accurately and consistently.

Medical Illumination, the light intensity produced by a surgical lamp head, provides a wide range of surgical lights to fit any size office, clinic, or surgical center. LED surgical light provides bright and clear medical lighting with superior shadow reduction. With 50,000 hours of cool white light output, it's the perfect solution for your operating room or doctor's office.

The surgical lamp has many other names, such as surgical and examination lights, Surgical Lighting Systems, surgical lighting, operating lamp, surgery lighting, operating room lights, surgical lighting, ceiling-mounted surgical light, portable surgical light, OT lights, and surgical lighthead. The best surgical lights should be chosen based on medical illumination, color temperature, color rendition index, light field diameter, and lifespan. Color Rendition is a measurement of light quality, and it’s called CRI (color rendering index) for short. The overall color temperature of a light source is measured in Kelvins.

Surgical lights can also be used in emergency rooms, labor and delivery rooms, examination rooms, and anywhere procedures are completed. Clinicians, surgeons, and proceduralists use these OT lights daily. A surgical light illuminates the operative site on a patient for optimal visualization during a procedure.

Unlike traditional incandescent surgery lights, LED surgical lights consume half the electricity of standard halogen lights, last longer, and often feature advanced control options, such as illumination level, color temperature, and spotlight. There are two main types of surgical lights: ceiling-mounted and wall-mounted. Ceiling-mounted surgical lights are suspended from the ceiling and can be easily moved to different positions around the surgical table. Wall-mounted surgical lights are mounted on the wall and usually have a fixed position.

Both types of surgical lights have various features, such as adjustable light intensity and shadows, that can be customized to meet the surgeon's needs. Mobile floor-standing surgical lights are a popular choice among doctors because they can move from one room to another. In addition, these fixtures often have wheels so that their location doesn't get in your way when working on someone! is a leading manufacturing company of surgical lights and other medical equipment for over 13 years. provides solutions for every specialty and budget. offers a wide selection of surgical lights at wholesale prices. Find the right surgical lights for your hospital from various ceiling-mounted surgical lighting systems and portable floor surgical lights. Contact us now to get a wholesale price.