Intellectual Property Policy

Intellectual Property (IPR) Potection Policy

1. Overview 

1.1. Medwish respects the intellectual property rights of others and we expect users to also respect the intellectual property rights of others. This website takes a serious attitude when handling intellectual property infringement claims. We also rely on the cooperation of intellectual property rights owners. 

2. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Protection 

2.1. It is strictly prohibited to list counterfeit goods, replicas or other unauthorized items on the website. Medwish reserves the right to sell or purchase counterfeit goods, reproductions or other unauthorised items. Medwish reserves the right to delete them at any time without notice. 

3. Violation of our intellectual property policy may result in Medwish taking a series of actions, including but not limited to: 

3.1. Removal of listings 

3.2. Posting restrictions 

3.3. Account suspension 

3.4. Termination of member service agreement Medwish reserves the right to take any enforcement action at any time and to choose at the same time to deal with certain extreme situations. 

4. Infringement claims 

4.1. The intellectual property right holder further agrees to indemnify and guarantee that Medwish is exempt from all claims, grounds of action, damages and judgments resulting from the removal of the product list based on the intellectual property infringement claim. 

4.2. As a neutral e-commerce platform, Medwish will not determine the infringement of intellectual property rights. No action taken on this website may be deemed to be a recognition of any claim for infringement of intellectual property rights. All conflicting intellectual property rights infringement claims are resolved by the parties to the conflict. 5. IP protection platform 5.1. In certain extreme cases, Medwish reserves the right to terminate member agreements or service agreements, member accounts and all related accounts. Medwish unilaterally decided to implement other measures that it deemed appropriate. 5.2. "Extreme conditions" include, but are not limited to: 5.2.1. The user's infringement was considered very serious; 5.2.2. A lawsuit has been initiated or the intellectual property right holder has requested legal advice from Medwish; 5.2.3. The user was sued by the intellectual property right holder, or was investigated by the judicial organ, law enforcement agency or administrative agency for suspected infringement; 5.2.4. Judicial organs, law enforcement agencies or administrative agencies require the termination of any account or take any related measures;