SQ-E3 Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer

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SQ-E3 Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer Specification Model Volume Liner Size(D*W*H)/cm Outer Size(L*W*H)/cm Power Packing SQ-E3 3 cubic meters 220×100×143 245×170×205 14KW 254*180*220cm/1580kg SQ-E6   6 cubic meters   335×120×150 355×190×205 29KW 369*185*240cm/2250kg...

Minimum quantity for "SQ-E3 Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer" is 1.

Port: Shanghai,China
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SQ-E3 Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer


ModelVolumeLiner Size(D*W*H)/cmOuter Size(L*W*H)/cmPowerPacking
SQ-E33 cubic meters220×100×143245×170×20514KW254*180*220cm/1580kg
SQ-E6  6 cubic meters  335×120×150355×190×20529KW369*185*240cm/2250kg
SQ-E1010 cubic meters560×120×150600×190×20535KW615*185*240cm/3250kg

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