Terms & Conditions

General rules of the Medwish platform

1. Overview 

1.1. This rule applies to Medwish platform merchants, merchants can sell goods or provide services to consumers through the Medwish platform. 

1.2. In order to promote the construction of an equal, open and transparent platform ecology, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Medwish platform merchants, create and maintain a harmonious business environment, and formulate these rules. 

1.3. The General Principles of the Medwish Platform is a clause that adds basic obligations to the platform merchant or regulates the basic rights of the merchant. 

1.4. The identification and handling of violations, Medwish will make judgments based on the provisions of laws and regulations, the agreement of the agreement, the evidence materials provided by consumers and merchants, and the relevant information recorded by the platform, and strictly enforce them in accordance with relevant rules. Platform merchants are equal in the applicable rules. 

1.5. Merchants should abide by the national laws, administrative regulations, departmental rules and other regulatory documents. For any act suspected of violating national laws, administrative regulations, departmental rules and other normative documents, these rules have been stipulated, and these rules are applicable; if there are no provisions in these rules, Medwish has the right to deal with them according to the corresponding rules, but Medwish is for merchants. The handling of the business does not exempt the merchant from legal liability for violations of the law, breach of contract, etc. 

1.6. Any behavior of the merchant on the platform shall comply with the agreements signed with Medwish. 

1.7. If the merchant disagrees with these rules and/or its updated version, it shall immediately stop using the service; if the merchant actually uses the Medwish platform service, it shall indicate that the rules are approved and accepted. 

2. Registration 

2.1. Merchants should strictly follow the registration process of the Medwish platform to complete the registration and strictly abide by the provisions of the Merchant Registration Agreement.

2.2. Merchants should register their Medwish platform account in their own name and must not: 

2.2.1. Forgery or alteration of business license to register an account. 

2.2.2. Borrowing and renting another business license to register an account; 

2.2.3. Renting, lending, and other business licenses to others to register the account number; 

2.2.4. Use the name of another person to register an account; 

2.3. The merchant shall not include relevant information in violation of national laws and regulations, suspected of infringing on the rights of others or interfere with the normal operation order of the Medwish platform, in accordance with the merchant account information. 

2.4. Merchants should maintain strict confidentiality and keep their accounts and passwords in a safe place, and should manage and regulate the behavior of account operators. 

2.5. The Merchant expressly agrees that any operation performed through its platform account and password shall be deemed to be a merchant's conduct and its legal consequences shall be borne by the Merchant. 

2.6. The services purchased under the merchant account are for their own use and may not be licensed for use by others; the merchant may not transfer the service in whole or in part to others. 

2.7. In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of merchants, Medwish once discovered (or has reason to suspect) data anomalies or potential risks of account behavior (including but not limited to IP address anomalies, information disclosure, information capture, illegal use of information, etc. Medwish reserves the right to take various protection, restrictions, or penalties for the relevant merchant account at any time, which may jeopardize the interests of the merchant or platform. 

3. Product information release 

3.1. The information published by the merchant on the Medwish platform shall be in accordance with the basic principles of legality, truthfulness, accuracy, validity and integrity, and shall not contain relevant content that violates national laws and regulations or suspected infringement of the intellectual property rights of others. See the Product Listing Agreement and the Intellectual Property Protection Policy for details. 

3.2. The information published by the merchant shall conform to the general norms and requirements of the e-commerce English website, and shall not be indiscriminate, misplaced, or duplicated. 

4. Trading rules 

4.1. Merchants should abide by the principle of good faith transactions, perform relevant transactions according to the agreement of both parties, and conduct real and effective trading activities according to the agreed time, place, delivery method, payment method, and goods acceptance method. 

4.2. This rule applies only to cross-border goods transactions (referred to as transactions) related to the Medwish platform merchants (as buyers and sellers). 

4.3. Merchants of the Medwish Platform who use Platform Services (including but not limited to Trading Services) in transactions shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations, these Rules, and other rules published from time to time on the Medwish Platform. See "Transaction Guarantee Policy" and "Order Trading Rules" for details. 


5.1. After confirming the contract, the buyer and the seller shall pay for the transaction in accordance with the Medwish Payment Service Agreement. See the Payment Service Agreement for details. 

5.2. Unless otherwise agreed, in general, the additional costs incurred by the transaction (such as fees charged by banks and third parties) shall be borne by the user of the product or service; the buyer and the seller shall bear the risk of exchange rate changes during the transaction. 

6. Violation and handling 

6.1. The merchant publishes information that violates the information publishing rules. Medwish reserves the right to return/delete the violation information and take corresponding penalties, including but not limited to cumulative penalty violations, denial of merchant participation or use of various activities or services of the Medwish platform, Restrict account permissions, close accounts, etc. Specific rules include but are not limited to the following: 

6.1.1. Merchants should learn more about product release rules. See the Product Launch Agreement for details. 

6.1.2. Merchants publish information containing the intellectual property rights of others, and Medwish has the right to impose penalties for violations in accordance with the Intellectual Property Protection Policy. 

6.2. If the merchant has an improper profit, whether or not the profit is obtained, Medwish has the right to immediately close the platform account of the merchant. include: 

6.2.1. Seek profit through other improper means; 

6.2.2. Provide financial, consumer, loan or business opportunities to Medwish platform staff and/or their affiliates; 

6.3. Merchants do not abide by the principle of good faith, using fraud, false propaganda, malicious misleading, fraud, malicious default, unfair competition, fraud, coercion, violation of laws and regulations, etc., to obtain profit or fight against competitors by dishonest means. Medwish reserves the right to take warnings, delete information, limit rights, block search, suspend and/or terminate services in accordance with its violations. It also has the right to close the platform account of the merchant, and all losses caused by the merchant are borne by the merchant. 

7. Supplementary 

7.1. Medwish may adjust this management rule at any time according to the operation of the platform and publicize it to the merchant in the form of an announcement. 

7.2. Merchants should abide by the national laws, administrative regulations, departmental rules and other regulatory documents. Any act suspected of violating national laws, administrative regulations, departmental rules and other normative documents, as provided for in these Rules, shall apply to these Rules. If there are no provisions in this rule, Medwish has the discretion to deal with it. However, Medwish's handling of the business is inevitably subject to its legal responsibility. Any business at Medwish should comply with all agreements with Medwish and its affiliates.

These Terms of Service and any separate agreements whereby we provide you Services shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Cyprus.