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A medical ventilator is a breathing machine in ICU that assists a patient in breathing during surgery or when they cannot do so due to acute disease or accident. That's why ventilators are often called ICU ventilator machines. A hollow tube is inserted into the patient's mouth as an artificial airway and down into their primary airway, or trachea, to connect them to the ventilator machine.

Medical ventilators are pretty different from oxygen-making machines like oxygen concentrators. Ventilators are designed to provide breaths to patients who cannot breathe on their own, while oxygen machines deliver oxygen to patients. An oxygen concentrator provides oxygen without any force and is inhaled by the individual, while a ventilator uses force from the device to push air into the patient's lungs. Ventilators are typically only used in hospitals for more severe conditions, such as pulmonary edema or respiratory failure, especially in ICU rooms. In contrast, oxygen machines can be used in hospitals and at home for less serious conditions, such as COPD or asthma.

Medical ventilators have many other names, such as mechanical ventilators, hospital ICU ventilators, patient ICU ventilators, respiratory ventilators, etc. ICU ventilator types from the Medwish marketplace include Anesthesia ventilators, Emergency Transport Ventilators (with or Without cylinders), Mechanical Non-Invasive Ventilators, Auto CPAP with Integrated Heated Humidifiers, and CPAP System Medical Ventilators, Portable Medical Ventilators, BiPAP ventilators, etc. is the leading medical marketplace for hospital equipment. Medical ventilator machines at affordable prices are exported worldwide to countries like India, Philippines, Mauritius, Nepal, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, etc.

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