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A fetal doppler heart monitor is a medical device that helps to detect and track the heartbeat of an unborn baby. It may be used to keep up with the health of the fetus throughout pregnancy, and also during labor and delivery to monitor the baby's heart rate.

Fetal monitors have several other names, such as fetal monitoring machine, doppler heartbeat monitor, fetal heartbeat doppler, etc. There are two main types of fetal heart monitors: external fetal monitoring machines and internal fetal monitors. External fetal heart monitors are placed on the mother's abdomen and use ultrasound waves to detect the baby's heartbeat. Internal fetal heart monitors are inserted through the vagina and placed directly on the baby's head, which allows for a more accurate reading of the heartbeat.

All fetal heart monitors are fully certified and approved by the FDA to ensure safety for Moms and Babies. Fetal heart monitors are now more energy-efficient, using only one set of batteries for your entire pregnancy. They are also easier to use, with simple settings and a user-friendly interface. By keeping track of your baby's heartbeat, fetal heart monitors can help you and your doctor identify potential problems early and ensure that you and your baby stay healthy throughout your pregnancy.

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