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A hospital ECG machine is a medical device used to measure and record the heart's electrical activity. It is also known as an electrocardiograph or EKG machine. EKG is the abbreviation of electrocardiograph (ECG) in the German language. So, the hospital ECG machine and EKG machine are the same product.

There are 3 types of portable hospital ECG machines: Resting 12-lead ECG machine, Exercise ECG machine, and ambulatory ECG machine ( known as Holter monitor). A resting 12-lead hospital ECG machine is the most common type of ECG and also one of the easiest to complete. 12-channel ECG machine. Hospital ECG machine types can also be categorized as Single-channel ECG machines, 3 Channel ECG Machine, 6 channel ECG Machine,12 lead electrocardiograph machines, and Folded paper 12 Channel.

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Do I need a mortgage to get the financing sevices?
No, you don't. No mortgage or pledge is needed.
What types of medical financing servcies do you have?
We have two types: one is order Financing(for buying medical equipment), and the other is project financing( for new hospital construction projects, etc.)
What's the interest rate?
It depends on the financing type you choose, the credit period and the total amount. Please contact us directly for more details.
What documents do I have to prepare in order to get the medical financing servcie?
3 years' audited financial report, or feasibility study if it's for hospital projects.
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