HD Video Endoscope& Gastroscope System VME-2300

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  • VME-2300 Vidio Endoscope Processor&Light Source
  • VME-92 Video Gastroscope(9.0mm insertion tube)
  • F-3 Trolley Metal
  • 19-inch monitor

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HD Video Endoscope& Gastroscope System VME-2300


VME-2300 Vidio Endoscope Processor and Light Source+VME-92 Video Gastroscope(9.0mm insertion tube)+

F-3 Trolley Metal+19-inch monitor

The high-definition endoscope system VME2300 is developed and designed to fulfill the needs of basic medical examination and surgeries, with the integration of high-definition images, an Integrated imaging processor with the light source, built-in LED light source, and many other high-cost performances, to perform faster and more accurate digestive system examination.


* Breaking the routine

* HD Image Sensor

High resolution and digital processing system to protect the endoscopic color and present the high-definition image.

* Motus 3.0 platform

1. Higher data processing capacity

Higher data processing capacity, compared to the 2.0 platform, has more than 10 times computing power,5 times memory bandwidth, and 8 times memory capacity. All this makes it possible to easily process real-time image data with higher resolution and more computing power(such as HbE.Enh .etc.)

2. Fully digital image processing

Fully digital image processing has enhanced the image signal's SNR and reliability compared to the 2.0 platform due to the deletion of the A/D process, Motus 3.0 platform features a brand-new image sensor with higher image resolution, lower power consumption, and better photosensitivity.

3. High modularization

4. A variety of interfaces

Motus 3.0 platform provides a variety of interfaces to facilitate connections with different equipment in the operating room.

5. (HbE)Hemoglobin Enhancement

The powerful upgraded HbE display function in VME-2300 can better highlight the hemoglobin in the blood and has obvious invigorating effect on the possible blood-flow direction in the diseased tissue.

6. Enhancement

The contour Enhancement function can give prominence to the scope and contour of pathological tissues, while underscoring the blood vessels and fibrous structure, making the images more clear and sharper."

7. USB Storage Function

HD video and photo images can be stored, easy to be moved and checked.

8. Freeze Function

You can freeze the image in real-time and view the frozen image through playback.

9. LED light Source

The built-in LED that has a long lifetime and high-cost performance can meet the brightness required for clinical examination, almost, you don't need to replace the bulb, which can greatly reduce the usage cost.

10. Ergonomic Handle

The ergonomic and easy-to-operate handle design allows more comfortable holding: reasonable key configuration renders the operation more convenient.

11. White Balance Cap

Ergonomic rotating makes it easy to use.

12. Details Optimization

The optimized design of the video connector makes the insertion and extraction more convenient operation.

* Technical Parameter:

VME-2300 Endoscopy System 

- Observation


Image Enhancement: Profile enhance, increase the sharpness of endoscopic images

Color tone adjustment: "R"、" B" adjustment: ±50 steps

Brightness adjustment: Y adjustment: ±50 steps

Freeze Review: HD images can be frozen and review

Gain control:OFF,1,2 and 3

Metering mode: Average, Peak

White balance adjustment: Press the switch to achieve the adjustment

- Power

Voltage: -110V/220V AC(±10%)

Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

- Lighting

Bulb: LED

Color Temperature: ≥3200K

- Air pump

Air pressure: 30-80kPa

Airflow: ≥5L /min

Video Gastroscope

Model: VME-98S 

Working length:1050mm 

Depth of field: 3-100mm 

Range of bending: U210° D90° 

Range of bending: L100°R100°

Diameter of insertion tube: Φ9.6mm 

Diameter of instrument channel:Φ2.8mm 

View of field: 140°

Model: VME-92S 

Working length:1050mm 

Depth of field: 3-100mm 

Range of bending: U210° D90° 

Range of bending: L100°R100° 

Diameter of insertion tube: Φ9.0mm 

Diameter of instrument channel:Φ2.8mm 

View of field: 140°

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