Bed Head Unit

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The hospital bed head unit is a strip medical device equipped with medical gas outlets, LED lighting, high voltage and low voltage distribution of electricity, media sockets, communication outlets, nurse call components, etc., in patient rooms. Bedhead units are pieces of hospital furniture that vary in size and design and are typically located on the wall over the patient's hospital bed. The Medwish team can customize bed head units with various voltages and international standards.

Medwish has different types of hospital bed head units, including horizontal bed head units and vertical bed head units. Thus, hospital bed head units have many other names, such as bed head panel, ICU bed head panel, medical bed head unit, vertical bed head unit, horizontal bed head unit, medical gas bed head unit, etc.

Medwish is the medical marketplace for hospital equipment and offers the perfect modular bed head solution for your hospital. If you're looking for bed head panel price, don't hesitate to get in touch with us to learn about the Length, height/depth, weight, load wall, lighting, accessories, load capacity, medical rail, electro-equipment, gas outlets, medical design, etc. Get a quotation now!