Hospital Curtain/Screen

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A hospital curtain, aka a cubicle curtain, is a dividing cloth used in a medical treatment facility that separates one or more individuals while allowing them to remain inside the same patient room. The medical curtain is usually made of inherently flame-retardant (IFR) fabric and hangs from a support structure or ceiling track.

Hospital curtains are critical in maintaining the privacy and dignity of patients and residents. Privacy curtains are used in shared rooms, emergency departments, pre-op, post-anesthesia care, and intensive care units in healthcare facilities.

Hospital curtains have many other names, such as privacy curtains, cubicle curtains, screen curtains, hospital curtain dividers, bed dividers, ICU curtains, etc. Hospital cubicle curtains play a vital role in creating a calming and soothing atmosphere for patients. Hospital curtains come in a variety of colors. Blue and green hospital curtains are often used to promote relaxation, while white curtains can help to create a bright and airy space.

Hospital curtains are an important part of hospital design. They come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and fabrics. The most common hospital curtain types are ceiling-mounted curtains and wall-mounted curtains and freestanding (hospital screens). Ceiling-mounted curtains are usually hung from the ceiling using hooks or tracks. Wall-mounted curtains are usually hung from the wall using brackets or loops. Any type of hospital curtains can be made from different fabrics, such as vinyl, polyester, or cotton. hospital curtains can also be decorated with different patterns or images.

Medwish is a leading manufacturer of hospital curtains and other medical products, such as custom-made privacy screens for hospitals that meet every regulatory standard. We offer branded fabrics with an anti-microbial treatment to keep your environment clean from germs or bacteria. In addition, our proprietary tracks will help reduce noise levels when moving around inside the cubicles.

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