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An IV pole, also known as the intravenous pole, is a portable pole of iron or aluminum to support intravenous drips and other infusion therapies. The bags are hung from the pole's hooks at the top. They are then linked using a tube to a patient's veins to ensure that essential fluids reach their system safely and effectively.

IV poles typically have multiple arms or hooks that allow for the suspension of various bags of fluids and other devices such as pumps and filters. Standard IV Poles have 2, 4, or 6 hooks. Patients can move about freely thanks to the weighted base and wheels, which provide stability and mobility. In most cases, an IV pole is composed of a metal pole on a heavy foundation with wheels that are topped with hooks. The number of hooks on a pole determines how many bags can be hung at once.

IV poles have many other names, such as IV stands for medical, IV drip stand, hospital IV stand, IV fluid stand, collapsible IV pole, infusion pole, etc. Several IV pole types include rolling IV poles, telescoping IV poles, and fixed IV poles. Rolling IV poles have wheels that allow them to be moved around easily. It's the most popular iv pole type in the hospital. Telescoping IV poles have sections that can be extended or retracted, making them adjustable in height. Fixed IV poles are attached to a wall or surface and cannot be moved.

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