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Infusion pumps are essential medical equipment used to deliver fluids in large or small amounts, such as nutrients or medicines, to a patient's body in a controlled volume. Infusion pumps administer many different types of medications and solutions, including antibiotics, chemotherapy drugs, pain medications, insulin, and saline solution. Many infusion pumps can also deliver nutrition through a feeding tube. In addition, infusion pumps are often portable to be used at home or in the hospital, nursing home, clinic, or other medical facilities.

Infusion pumps have many other names, such as medication pumps, portable iv pumps, medical infusion pumps, chemo pumps at home, portable infusion pumps, intravenous pumps, etc. In addition, infusion pumps can be classified by function, fluid delivery volume, and mobility. The popular infusion pump types include ambulatory infusion pumps (portable or wearable) and stationary infusion pumps (fixed at the patient's bedside).

Syringe pumps and infusion pumps serve the same purpose to deliver medication exactly where it needs to go, but there are quite different. For example, syringe pumps offer higher precision with their smaller volume capabilities and greater flexibility for precise dispensing rates due out of round or flow pulsations caused by thick solution delivery systems found on many hospital beds today.

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