Vein Finder System

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A vein finder machine is a medical device that uses infrared light to locate veins beneath the skin's surface and visualize those locations in real-time. This makes it easier for medical professionals like nurses or phlebotomists to draw blood or insert intravenous lines. The vein finding machine can be handheld or table-mounted and is often used in hospitals, blood banks, and other healthcare settings.

There are three main types of vein finders, using different technology- near Infrared (NIR), infrared, or Laser Vein Finder. Near-Infrared vein finders are the most popular type. Vein finders have many other names, such as vein detector machines, vein illuminators, vein viewer machines, iv vein finders, vein locator devices, vein illumination devices, medical vein finders, vein scanner machines, vein transilluminators, vein mapper devices, etc.

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