Medical Trolley

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Medical Trolleys

Medical trolleys, also known as medical carts or medication carts, are medical equipment used in healthcare facilities like hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, birth centers, etc. to store and transport various medical supplies and materials like medicines, IV bags, blood samples, medical instruments, emergency equipment between different areas of the hospital. Most emergency trolleys on wheels are with drawers and are mobile and lockable.

Medical carts come in a variety of shapes, colors (white, dark, etc), sizes (small and large), and materials to accommodate any need. Several materials are used to build these carts, including stainless steel, ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), PVC tubing, poly/aluminum, and wood laminate. Common names for medical trolleys include medical utility carts, medical rolling carts, medical utility carts, medical computer carts, medical supply carts, medical laptop carts, etc. Veterinary crash carts are also available from Medwish.

Crash carts are for patients injured or sickened by accident; isolation carts allow doctors quick access when treating critically ill patients without exposing them outside the safety boundaries set during drills; respiratory carts are used while caring for individuals struggling with asthma attacks. In addition to storage bins, some medical carts include spaces for computers, laptops, and scanning devices.

Medwish offers a wide product range of hospital trolleys that includes crash cart trolleys, stretcher trolleys, Instrument trolleys, dressing trolleys, medicine trolleys, monitor trolleys, medical equipment trolleys, linen trolleys, laparoscopic trolleys, and more at wholesale price for sale. The medical trolley's HS code is 8716800000. If you want to get a bulk quote for medical trolley prices, please contact the Medwish team for more details.