Emergency Trolley

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Emergency trolleys, more popularly known as crash carts, are medical equipment used to provide emergency care to patients in cardiac arrest. An emergency trolley consists of trays, drawers, and shelves on wheels used for transporting and dispensing emergency medication and equipment to potentially save lives in hospitals. 

Crash carts are often found in hospital emergency rooms and intensive care units (ICU), but may also be found in other areas such as general wards, surgical suites, and labor and delivery units. Most crash carts now contain a defibrillator, an intravenous infusion pump, intubation equipment, airway suction devices, and other items. The cart also serves as a support litter for patients.

The contents and organization of a crash cart include the equipment and medications. The everyday items found in crash carts include but are not limited to: cardiac monitors with defibrillators or AEDs, portable suction machines, airway equipment (bag valve masks, intubation equipment, oral and nasal airways, oxygen masks), IV access equipment (angiocaths, syringes, blood gas syringes), crash cart medicine (epinephrine, amiodarone, and other emergency trolley drugs list.), and procedure equipment such as surgical instruments. While the specific contents of crash carts may vary from one hospital to another, they typically contain everything needed to provide life-saving care in an emergency situation.

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