Medical Record Trolley

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A medical record trolley is a patient file cart to store and transport medical records and documents. It is very important for hospitals and care homes to manage patients’ medical records accurately and in an organized manner. Medical Record Trolleys fulfill this purpose very easily and conveniently. They help in storing the medical records properly and systematically. 

Medical records carts are available in different specifications and capacities like 50 clips, 100 clips, 200 clips, etc. They have different numbers of drawers and partitions to store the medical records in an organized way. These medical trolleys are lockable and have lockers to lock all the medical record clips. They also have four 75mm castors and two with brakes for easy movement. There are 4 bumpers on 4 corners for protection.

Medical record trolleys have many other names, such as patient file carts, medical history folder trolleys, medical records filing trolleys, medical records note trolleys, medical record holder trolleys, medical records basket trolley, hospital patient files trolley with drawers, stainless steel medical record trolleys, files medical trolleys, etc.

Medwish offers a wide range of medical records carts that are made from stainless steel or ABS material. These durable trolleys can be customized to meet your specific requirements and may include different sizes, colors, or capacities depending on what you need them for in hospitals as well as geriatric centers alike. Wholesale prices for bulk medical record trolley orders are available upon your inquiry.