Anesthesia Machine

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An anesthesia machine is a piece of anesthetic equipment designed to deliver medical gases and anesthetic vapor to patients at an accurate amount, allowing them to remain unconscious but breathing during surgery in an operating room. There are many types of medical gases used in hospitals, such as oxygen, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, helium gas, medical air, etc.

The anesthesia machine's primary functions are to provide oxygenation, an accurate mixture of anesthetic vapors, and appropriate ventilation. In modern anesthesia machines, the medical ventilator is seamlessly integrated into the device to deliver anesthetics as effectively as possible. MRI-compatible anesthesia machines are available from us.

The anesthesia machine has several other names, such as anesthetic machine, anesthesia workstation, continuous-flow anaesthetic machine, Boyle's machine, etc. In most cases, the anesthesia machine is used in conjunction with a mechanical ventilator, a breathing apparatus, suction equipment, and a multiparameter patient monitor.

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