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A multiparameter patient monitor is a patient monitoring system that can measure and display multiple vital signs of a patient on the screen at the same time. Multiparameter patient monitors are commonly used in hospitals, clinics, and patient homes.

The popular patient monitor types include 5 parameter patient monitor, 6 parameter patient monitor, 7 parameter patient monitor, etc. Popular standard parameters include ECG (electrocardiogram), RESP (Respiratory Waveform), NIBP (Non-invasive Blood Pressure), BIS (bispectral index), SPO2(Saturation of Peripheral Oxygen), body temperature, PR (pulse rate), HR (Heart Rate), etc.

The patient monitor has many other names, such as vital signs Monitor, ICU monitor, ECG Monitor, Multi-parameter Monitor, EKG Monitor, Medical Monitor, patient monitoring systems, etc.

Multiparameter patient monitors can be standalone devices or connected to other medical devices, such as an infusion pump or a medical ventilator. They can also be connected to a computer to store and analyze the data.

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