Treatment Trolley

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A treatment trolley, also known as a medical treatment cart, is a wheeled storage medical cart that can transport patient treatment materials. Medical supply carts are a must-have for any hospital or geriatric center. These devices can be used to store and transport medical supplies in an organized way, which makes it easier on the nursing staff who work with them day after day.

Medical treatment trolleys have many other names, such as treatment room trolleys, treatment trolleys with drawers, treatment carts, medical treatment trolleys, procedure carts, medical supply carts, treatment and procedure carts, stainless steel treatment trolleys, etc.

You are able to organize treatment trolley drawers with compartments. During the construction of Medwish treatment cart drawers, two compartmentalizing systems were used: dividing trays and dividers. A variety of configuration options and customization options are available depending on the needs of hospitals and geriatric centers.

Treatment cart accessories include a push handle, side rail, triple glove holder, utility basket, waste container, etc. If you want to learn about treatment trolley prices, please send an email to get a wholesale quotation immediately.