Financial solutions to medical equipment, hospital construction projects,
and hospital gas supply projects.


For all the purchasing orders on, we provide two types of financing services, order financing, and project financing.

Their differences are explicated below. Provided that you are faced with cash flow issues and do not have enough available

funds to purchase or for Hospital Construction, please view the following flowchart.



Solve cash flow problems

The operations of your hospitals, clinics will involve taking money in and expenses. Cash flow is key to the success of your business. Get the money for buying medical equipment, or start a new project now.

No Pledge

When you have good credit, you deserve a low-interest, fixed-rate requirements. A pledged asset mortgage (PAM) is not needed. Audited financial statements, reports or Project feasibility reports are important evaluations.

Fast Approval

Get quick access to funds with our easy and secure online application process. Our financing process is simple, so you can get approved fast for financing amount up to $ 1 million in as little as two weeks.

Low Interest

Choose the financing service type you may need, and our interesting rate is among the lowest in the medical industry, from 7% to 13%, depending on the order or the project you may choose.

Order Financing Project Financing
Financing Credit Limit $ 50,000-1,000,000 $ 1,000,000-unlimited
Application Processing Time 14-21 days 60 days
Credit Period (after shipment) 90-120 days 181-730 days
Interest Rate (annual) 7%-12%,depending on the Order 9%-13%,depending on the project

Order Financing

Order financing refers to general trade financing. For example, if you need to purchase some medical equipment to distributor or for your own hospital, we can provide financing services if you need, so that you can take the goods first and pay later. Just like a credit card, you can use your credit to purchase any product from China.

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Project Financing

Project financing refers to financing services for a new project. For example, if you plan to open a new hospital or clinic, we can provide you with EPC+F (Design, Procurement, Construction + Financing) services, which is a turnkey project. You can also decide what you need according to your requirements, and then we give the corresponding support.

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Required Documents

  • Registered company name, address & contact number
  • Audited financial statements and reports
  • Project feasibility reports (for project financing only)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a mortgage to get the financing sevices?
No, you don't. No mortgage or pledge is needed.
What types of medical financing servcies do you have?
We have two types: one is order Financing(for buying medical equipment), and the other is project financing( for new hospital construction projects, etc.)
What's the interest rate?
It depends on the financing type you choose, the credit period and the total amount. Please contact us directly for more details.
What documents do I have to prepare in order to get the medical financing servcie?
3 years' audited financial report, or feasibility study if it's for hospital projects.
How to contact Medwish?
You may go to contact us page at the bottom of the website. Or send email to us at

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The "MEDWISH" ( platform is a global B2B marketplace focused on the supply and procurement of medical equipment and devices. Our MEDWISH team cooperates with global leading service providers in fields including logistics, insurance, financing, customs clearance, international payment, etc. The marketplace clears out global buyers' one-stop shopping difficulties by integrating global high-quality supply chain channels, and our buyers come from mainly private hospitals and overseas agents.

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