Electro-Hydraulic Operating Table

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Electro-Hydraulic Operating Tables

Electro-hydraulic operating tables are specially designed for use in surgeries that require a high degree of accuracy and precision. These OT tables offer many advantages over traditional hydraulic operating tables, including better stability, smoother operation, and more accurate positioning. In addition, electro-hydraulic operating tables typically have a more comprehensive range of motion than their hydraulic counterparts, making them ideal for procedures that require a high degree of flexibility.

The electro-hydraulic operating table is a unique piece of medical equipment that offers digital X-ray and C-Arm capabilities and extreme articulations for perfect and ergonomic access. This OT table is ideal for use in a hospital setting, as it allows doctors and surgeons to get a clear view of the patient while performing surgery. The operating room table also has a number of benefits for patients, as it helps reduce pain and discomfort during surgery.

The electro-hydraulic operating table is a powerful hydraulic system that uses intelligent battery management to provide continuous power in case of external electricity failure. The battery system can support the standard operation for about one week or around 50-80. In addition, the table can work independently under AC power or battery mode.

In the case of a surgical procedure, for example, the table's electrical and hydraulic systems can be customized to fit each operation and all patient sizes in the most efficient way possible. It provides unrestricted access to the operating space while still maintaining patient safety. All electro-hydraulic adjustments are controlled via user-friendly hand controls, wireless or wired, or foot control units.

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